BRICS Youth Energy Outlook 2019

BRICS YEA is established to facilitate young researchers and scientists from Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa in development of joint research and cooperate on international energy projects in interest of the BRICS countries. In 2018 the BRICS Youth Energy Agency introduced its first BRICS Youth Energy Outlook-2018 developed by young experts of the Agency and demonstrating main tendencies of the energy industries of the community countries. This year the Agency is eager to develop the Outlook-2019 in collaboration with numerous research teams based on BRICS universities.

To register your team, please push on the button on the left and fill in the application form. We will answer to you within a few days to confirm only 1 out of 5 research topics chosen, and you are ready to go.

If you require more structured information about the BRICS YEA Outlook-2019 and the procedure, please download the information letter clicking on the right button.

Research Topics

  1. «Digital energy»: modern challenges and development prospects
  2. Technology of «digital deposit» in oil and gas production
  3. Technology of «digital deposit» in coal mining
  4. New technologies of clean burning of fossil fuels and combustible wastes
  5. Promising technologies in oil, gas and coal exploration
  6. Promising digital technologies in nuclear energy
  7. Promising converters of solar energy into electricity
  8. Promising converters of wind energy into electricity
  9. New hydropower technologies
  10. Promising technologies in production, processing and use of biomass
  11. Promising technologies in production, storage and use of hydrogen for energy
  12. Promising technologies in deep processing of oil and gas
  13. Promising technologies in deep processing of solid fuels
  14. Promising technologies in long-distance electricity transmission
  15. Promising technologies in gaseous motor fuel
  16. Gaseous motor fuel market development
  17. New methods and instruments in management of energy systems
  18. Incentive mechanisms for «digital transformation» of FEC
  19. Improving energy efficiency of energy-consuming productions
  20. New technologies in energy-efficient building construction and operation
  21. Development of new energy products, including new energy products based on traditional energy
  22. Modern logisticsinstruments in the field of transporting energy resources
  23. Prospects of global demand and supply of energy resources development
  24. Prospects of investments in energy sector
  25. International cooperation for technological development of FEC



On this step you are required to register your team (up to 8 members), choose 5 topics from the list and get only 1 confirmed by the BRICS YEA. This one is going to be your research topic plus we require all the teams to do a short research on gaseous motor fuel perspectives in your country. Please note that team members must be not older than 35 years old. After completion of registration, you will receive Task #1.
  • Gather a team
  • Register members
  • Get the topic confirmed
  • Start research

Task #1 - Preparatory


As soon as you receive Task #1, you have 4 weeks to shape informational basis for the following research: statistics, some historic and actual information and similar data. Please note that the Task #1 file is to be prepared in full compliance with the methodology provided by the BRICS YEA. When accomplished, the task file is to be sent to email: Every team can coordinate actions and get assistance from the BRICS YEA (AC) staff members.
  • Collect data
  • Find statistics
  • Within' 4 weeks

Task #2 - Research


On this step you are required to do the relevant research (1 – confirmed topic; 2 – gaseous motor fuel perspectives in your country) using the methodology provided by the BRICS YEA. Please note that you are to complete Task #2 within 6 weeks after you have received it via email. Send the Task #2 document to the BRICS YEA via email: You are free to coordinate your actions and get assistance from the BRICS YEA on your way.
  • Analyse the data collected
  • Do forecasting
  • Do comparing
  • Within' 6 weeks



As soon as we receive the texts and graphics, the editors team has reasonable amount of time to pull together more than 25 research documents into the BRICS Youth Energy Outlook-2019. We secure all your rights for research, so we indicate your names in the ‘Developers’ section and indicate your organisations’ labels subject to prior agreement. Despite the fact that every team will receive via post their author copies of the Outlook, we invite everyone to participate in the “Russian Energy Week” International Forum 2019 where the presentation will take place.


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