Network Guidelines

Welcome at the communication platform for the BRICS Youth Energy Agency’s international community was founded for young researchers, scientists and students. These terms govern access to the BRICS YEA Network. By registering on the platform and using any materials from the BRICS YEA Network, you agree to these terms. Please respect our members by following simple rules.



BRICS YEA Network brings together representatives from different countries, so English is the only language spoken on this platform. All materials should be published in English as far as all correspondence and discussions between users.

Unsolicited messages

On BRICS YEA Network users cannot send mass unsolicited messages to other users without their consent.

Fake accounts

On the BRICS YEA Network, user cannot create fake accounts as a user on behalf of another person, post false information about yourself, publish illegal information, interfere with the work of the site and collect information from the site using special programs without permission from the BRICS YEA Network administration.

Personal information

Users are personally responsible for any information that they publish from their account. By posting materials on the BRICS YEA Network, the user guarantees that this information does not contain prohibited materials (calls for illegal actions; materials containing insults and threats, advertising materials and spam, illegal use of copyright of others; other materials that may be regarded as violating any third parties).


The platform’s administration reserves the right to remove any content that violates these terms.
If you have any questions about these Terms, please contact us via email or phone.
Let’s create a favorable environment for cooperation together!

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